Our Story

In 1990, the first 5-gallon pail of Squid Ink was mixed in the garage of one of the original founders in the industrial ink jet industry.  The goal then, as it remains today, was to develop the highest quality fluid possible and offer it to end-users at an affordable price.  Since that first 5-gallon pail, more than one million gallons of ink have been produced, and Squid Ink formulations have been sold worldwide in more than 40 countries.  Only the highest quality American-made dyes, resins and solvents are used, and formulas have been developed by chemists with over 200 years experience making industrial ink jet inks.  Today, our library contains over 400 formulas, of which the most common are now available to you at revolutionary prices.

Twenty years ago, we revolutionized this industry by offering high quality replacement fluids to you at half the price of the original manufacturer.  Today, we've streamlined our process, added a qualified distribution network, and are offering the same high quality fluids at prices our competitors can't touch.  Browse our offering today and see for yourself. 

We thank you for your interest in the Squid Ink and look forward to being a part of your marking and coding solution.