Replacement Ink for Loveshaw Little David CPMA75-608 DOD Ink - 1 liter cartridges

Replacement Ink for Loveshaw Little David CPMA75-608

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Compatible replacement for Loveshaw Little David Microjet® CPMA75-608

Volume:            1 liter

Description:       Water-based no-clog ink

Color:                Black

Dry Time:          Immediate to 2 second absorption into porous surfaces

Quantity:          6 cartridges per case

  • Self-cleaning ink provides less printhead maintenance and extended valve life
  • No residue, sludge or drop out keeps printheads clog-free
  • Offers consistent dot patterns, low bleed into substrate
  • Filtered 9 times to 3 microns absolute (vs. industry average of 10 microns nominal)
  • State of the art manufacturing technique ensures consistent formulations
  • Additional colors available upon request



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